Sometimes I write crappy Fanfiction that people occasionally tell me are good or decent or that they enjoyed. To which I say, "Stop it you're lying."

Things I ship in no particular order:

Teen Wolf: Dethan, Mahealahey, Sciles

HSM: Tryan

Shameless: Gallavich

Inception: Arhur/Eames

Merlin: Merthur

GOT: Renly/Loras

Power Rangers: Hunter/Dustin, Kai/Leo

nOTPs: Sterek, Stanny, Allisaac, Peter Hale/anybody
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reblog for easter

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i’ve watched this like 17 times

who beatboxes at a goat

a wise person

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Hey guys!


Since today is Easter and many of you have other things to do. We have decided to give Dethan week a short extension.

You may continue to post through Tuesday, April 22. This includes all seven days. If you missed a day you can make something for it, or if you want to add something, you can do that as well. :)

Can't we just make it dethan month instead of dethan week? I don't want dethan week to end. :(

I feel the same way Nonnie! Or at least another week dedicated to them.