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Armani & Arousal

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An appropriate response to having a child

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Ohhhh my gooddddnnnesss yasssss!!!

I thought it was the cow thing, GOTTA REBLOG

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Dethan week
Day Two:

Harley sat in Danny’s lap as he helped her carve the pumpkin on the table. He had drawn a cat on hers and a spider on Natasha’s before letting them both spoon out the guts. Ethan had separated out the pumpkin seeds and set them out to dry so they could bake them tomorrow with the girls.

“Good job,” Danny said, giving Harley a kiss on the cheek. He looked across the table where Ethan was helping Natasha carve out her own pumpkin. Ethan had taken the knife and was carving the hourglass on the spider. He handed it back to her to let her finish and she started in on one of the legs. “How are you doing, Tasha?”

“Good,” She answered, smiling up at him before going back to her pumpkin.

When the pumpkins were finished, they let their girls carry the pumpkins onto the porch. Ethan put a candle in each of them before having them sit next to their pumpkins so Danny could get a picture. “They look great, girls,” Danny said, giving both of them a kiss. “Great job.”

“Can we make seeds now?” Natasha asked.

“We have to wait for them to dry first,” Ethan said. “And then we’ll bake them when you girls get home from school. How about we make some hot chocolate instead? Then we can all go watch Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The girls cheered before running back into the house and jumping onto the couch. Ethan went to follow them before Danny grabbed his hand and pulled him back, giving him a kiss. “Put something a little special in mine.”

“Do we have any?”

“Look under the sink,” Danny replied, going into the house and sitting between his girls who were fighting over the Wii remote.

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i dont want to go back to school i want to travel the world and watch more shows on netflix

But you can’t watch Netflix outside the US

yet here i am, watching bobs burgers in australia, living my dream


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Connor and Oliver live together. Oliver goes for a run early in the morning and leave Connor in bed asleep.
Connor wakes up and does not find Oliver in bed. He sends him a selfie.

I woke up and you were not there :(
Oliver replies: ‘Took a run, babe. I’m coming home, I’ll bring coffee. <3’image


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"do you swallow"


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the handstand abs guy

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peoplemag: Can you tell #theleftovers hotties @maxcarver and @charliecarverofficial apart? #onestowatch

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straight allies arent allowed in queer spaces because literally the entire point of them is to be around other queer people lmao if i wanted to be around a bunch of straight people i could go literally anywhere the fuck else

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DethanWeek: Halloween Edition → Day 2 - Pumpkins

"Ethan, you didn’t."

"Oh, I so did. What can I say?" He chuckles, breath warm on Danny’s ear, causing Danny to shudder. His body was a traitor. "I was inspired."

Teeth scrape against his ear lobe, followed by a yelp as Ethan jumps away from the falling knife that slipped through Danny’s fingers as his jaw falls open.

"Sorry!" Danny quickly amends and runs a hand over Ethan’s back and sighs. "Eth, as flattered…" He pauses, scrunches his eyebrows and shakes his head after a moment, wondering if that was the right word, before continuing on, "as I am… we are
not putting that on the porch. Impressive for a first-timer, though.”

"Okay, okay. Fine, and thank you. Just please, watch that knife," Ethan says with a chuckle, pressing a kiss to the back of Danny’s neck as he peers over his shoulder. "Hmm, looks like someone else was inspired, huh?" He grins.

Danny rolls his eyes, takes the knife back from Ethan. “Yeah, maybe.” His lips quirk in a tiny smile, but enough for his dimples to show. “But I’m not done, so shoo.”

"Yeah, you and a knife? I’m keeping my distance."

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-Get out!

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The Signs and their Rooms

Aries: Messy, messy, messy. 'The chair' (you know which chair I'm talking about) has probably disappeared among all their clothes. Theory is that it probably fused to the ground.
Taurus: They have an ingrained connection with every single one of their posessions. They know you moved that sock 0.2 meters to the left don't deny it.
Gemini: Where's the floor? No one knows anymore. When they magically decide to clean up, it's like christmas morning when they find something they don't even remember having. Then, they get distracted by said thing and forget about cleaning up.
Cancer: Their room is their sanctuary. Probably going through an ant invasion because of all the food they eat there. Most likely to have a secret food stash.
Leo: Usually organized, though they can be lazy. They probably don't move enough to have a mess.
Virgo: Same as Taurus. Like the Eye of Sauron, they know everything that goes down there.They go into phases in which everything is probably color coded. They get lazy and give up a few weeks later when no one notices.
Libra: Probably unlivable until they decide Today is the Day and organize everything. They get bored halfway through and go back to feeling sorry for themselves because their rooms aren't pretty.
Scorpio: The walls are full with their interests. The mess control is manageable. Once you go in, it might be too dark to find your way out.
Sagittarius: Doesn't care at all about mess. Until they see someone else's clean room and their competitive gene appears. Soon it dies down and they go back to not caring.
Capricorn: Puts everyone else's to shame. Mostly, because like Leo, they are not naturally messy. Can be OCD about their space.
Aquarius: Their interests are also everywhere. They sleep next to their laptop. Their desk is no man's land.
Pisces: Clutter is their natural habitat. They probably don't remember the last time they turned on the lights. The windows have never been opened. An excavation team is needed to find the floor. Until people come over, then it's DEFCON 4 and everything is either organized or hidden.
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So who’s up for a Teen Wolf Pokémon!AU? (high-res view!)

Where werewolves are trainers, alphas are gym leaders, betas are those lil fuckers that try to slow you down at gyms and omegas are regular trainers (lets pretend they’re actually the majority).

Derek is a pretty strong gym leader but nobody takes him seriously because he doesn’t have a fancy gym, the battles happen literally in the middle of his living room (which also happens to be his room I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s up with Derek’s loft why is ur bed in the living room, what does that stair take you to, the building’s roof? You big anime protagonist u), and the gym doesn’t even have an agreement in type, the kids just use what they like best and yeah.

The Alpha pack is like the in-game teams. Team Alpha. Something like this. Their uniform has two variations that are totes unisex because I love guys’ tummies and I refuse to pass a chance to draw lots of it. They just go around like an unofficial Elite 5 buggering other gym leaders to join them for the sake of being strong. With pokemon battles. None of this homicidal werewolf killing spree bullshit this ain no bloody werewolf tv show anymore they have pokemon battles and shit ok. Every werewolf-related death didn’t happen. They’re just annoying and want Derek to leave his gym m8s and whenever they meet derek they are all like “SURPRISE POKEBATTLE WE MADE EYE CONTACT U CAN’T RUN HAHahahAhahA u fucked” and Derek is just like “u shits”

And there’s Scott with his “pack” of non-trainers, idk, they’re there just for emotional support. Lydia and Allison are champs in several pokemon contests, and Scott’s gym (which he was forced to assume) hosts those all the time. Stiles would be that guy that researches a lot about pokemon so he would know some cool stuff that would help when they couldn’t meet up with Deaton (who was part pokenurse, part pokemon professor) in time, and would eventually be a pokemon professor/researcher. Jackson would be these fancy asshole-ish Ace Trainers.

Danny might not be a pokemon trainer but he was fucking awesome with pokemon and Ethan’s pokemons love him and shit because everybody loves Danny ugh Danny is awesome ok. 

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